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Burnout 360 Cagney patch delayed again

"That is one tough lady."

Criterion has delayed the release of the Xbox 360 "Cagney" patch for Burnout Paradise.

This originally missed its 10th July launch due to Microsoft certification issues.

"We're still not able to provide a concrete date on this awesome free update. We're in the final stages of testing the revised version and will announce a concrete date as soon as we have one," developer Criterion said on the Burnout Paradise website.

"We're currently aiming for 4th August. That's the earliest we can expect it to be available."

Codename Cagney adds Marked Man, Stunt Run and Road Rage game modes to Burnout Paradise, plus the Live Page calendar for keeping track of developer-lead events. There are also new cars, liveries, 70 extra Challenges, and a heap of technical changes inside.

Criterion has struggled with Xbox 360 updates before - the "Bogart" update was pulled temporarily due to technical problems.

In both cases the PS3 updates have been unaffected and delivered without incident.

Criterion does admirably continue to add features to Burnout Paradise, though. Motorbikes, day-and-night cycles, biplanes and extra islands to explore are all planned for future updates.

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