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Burnout Bogart 360 patch back online

Frame-rate issues fixed.

Criterion has fixed the frame-rate issues in the 360 version of its Bogart Burnout Paradise patch and re-released it to the masses.

The problems began on 28th April, prompting the developer to recall the update and get its wrench out.

Bogart is the first of several planned updates for the game, with Cagney due at the end of June, Davis due in August, and Eastwood out in the autumn.

Cagney will bring with it a Hunter Olympus car, fresh Freeburn modes, 70 new timed multi-part challenges, liveries, custom soundtracks for the PS3, plus plenty of bug fixes and updates.

Davis is our favourite because it introduces motorbikes, and also adds a day and night cycle to Paradise City.

Eastwood, on the other hand, will be the first of the island updates you can get to from Paradise City. Head over to the official site for the first aerial footage of it.

These downloadable additions a part of the much talked about ongoing commitment Criterion has to its Burnout Paradise community.

Head over to our Burnout Paradise review to find out more.

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