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Burnout "Cagney" update delayed on 360

Cagney and Latey. PS3 unaffected.

Criterion has pushed the Xbox 360 "Cagney" update for Burnout Paradise back by four days.

It appears there may have been a hold-up in authentication, with the only explanation on the developer blog claiming Microsoft has it and will release it on 14th July.

The PlayStation 3 version is therefore unaffected and will go live next Thursday as expected. However, no Game Calendar events will happen until "Cagney" is live on both formats. Details of the first calendar events are expected next week.

"Cagney" will be the third significant update to Burnout Paradise so far. Inside it are three extra modes: Road Rage, where four of you race through checkpoints while four others try to stop you; Stunt Run, where you do tricks at the same time to rack up points; and Marked Man, where you all gang up on one person to take them down before they can complete the course.

On top of this are 70 new FreeBurn challenges to get stuck into, a Hunter Olympus and secret Criterion car, fresh liveries, custom soundtrack support on PS3, and a host of bug-fixes asked for by you lot.

Criterion has additional updates "Davis" (with motorbikes and a day-night cycle) and "Eastwood" (with a new island) planned for August and autumn, respectively.

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