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Ghostbusters, Brutal Legend still on track

With or without Activision Blizzard.

Sony Pictures Entertainment, owner of the Ghostbusters licence, says the game will be released "one way or another".

This was one of the titles canned after publisher Sierra merged with Activision to become Activision Blizzard. But SPE is re-evaluating the marketing behind the adaptation and may launch next year, when the original film turns 25, according to Variety.

This may involve a new publishing deal, and more development time for the game.

Brutal Legend, the next project from Psychonauts hero Tim Schafer, was another game cut from the Activision Blizzard plan. However, developer Double Fine owns the rights and is said to be "very close" to signing a new publishing deal.

That may mean delaying the 2008 release as a fresh marketing strategy is put together.

The Bourne licence was another of the Activision Blizzard casualties, but has since been reacquired by Ludlum Entertainment - with sequels very much a possibility.