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Bourne rights up for grabs again

They no longer belong to Sierra.

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Ludlum Entertainment has re-aquired the rights to make games based on the works of Robert Ludlum, including the Bourne and Covert One series.

Sierra (or Vivendi as it was then) picked up the rights back in 2005. They only made one Ludlum-based game, The Bourne Conspiracy, which came out in June. Now Sivendi has been eaten by Activizzard, the licence has been handed back.

"Our colleagues at Vivendi Games did a tremendous job of capturing the spirit and allure of Robert Ludlum's writing with The Bourne Conspiracy," said Ludlum Entertainment boss Jeffrey Weiner. "The gaming community's strong response is clear indication that future Ludlum games will deliver both popularity and profitability for years to come." 5/10.

Sounds like we could see more Bourne games in the future, if Weiner's next comment is anything to go by: "We look forward to working with innovative partners in the gaming community and new investors to further extend the reach and appeal of Robert Ludlum's stories and to help write the next chapter for this powerful and timeless entertainment franchise."

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