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Fable 2 main story only 12 hours long

Lionhead staff spill beans.

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The main quest in Fable II only takes 12 hours to finish.

That's according to Lionhead staff, who dished the dirt to Joystiq during a presentation of the game at E3.

But, Fable II leans heavily on its side-quests and exploration, something Molyneux has said he invented the dog to guide you towards.

You can also buy nearly every building in the game you see and make families and that sort of thing, so 12 hours can be multiplied many times over if you wish to see all on offer.

What is on offer appears to be taking shape very well. Molyneux unveiled the orb-based jump-in multiplayer during the Microsoft E3 conference, and you can read about it in much more detail in our hands-on with Fable II.

Head over to our Fable II gamepage for the latest E3 videos and screenshots.

Fable II is due out exclusively on Xbox 360 this October.

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