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SEGA unveils new Sonic game for Wii

Follow-on to Secret Rings next spring.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

SEGA has plans to release a brand new Sonic adventure exclusively for Wii in spring 2009.

It's called Sonic and the Black Knight and is part of the storybook series that started with Sonic and the Secret Rings last year.

Sonic Team is the clever-clogs behind the game. It's set Arthurian Britain where your little blue hedgehog has a sword and can become a knight - and perhaps fight a dragon and kiss humans.

It will be fast and filled with all the usual faces from the series, plus sport a similar motion-sensing control system to Secret Rings.

Other details are scarce, but hopefully it won't stray too far from the less-is-more reinterpretation that Sonic and the Secret Rings charmed us with.

That game still commands a spot in the UK all formats top 40 chart, and finished at 22 last week.

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