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Rockstar wins big at Develop awards

Nintendo, Epic pick up trophies too.

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Rockstar North picked up four trophies at the Develop Industry Excellence Awards held in Brighton last night.

They were for Visual Arts, Audio Accomplishment, Technical Innovation and In-House Developer. Rockstar also won a Special Recognition award for contributions to the industry. Normally the company doesn't give acceptance speeches, but this time they said thank you.

Other winners included Frontier Developments, which won Best New IP for WiiWare game LostWinds. Nintendo got the Publishing Hero award.

LEGO Indiana Jones picked up the trophy for Best Use of a Licence, Epic got Tools Provider and Splash Damage won the Independent Developer award.

Realtime Worlds, the studio behind Crackdown and APB, got the award for Business Development - having gotten loads of people to invest in them recently.

Other winners included Richard "Sonic theme tune" Jacques, Babel Media and Abertay University/Dare to be Digital.

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