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2K details BioShock PS3 Trophies

From bronze to platinum.

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2K Marin has explained how you'll be able to collect a few of the Trophies in the PS3 version of BioShock.

These range from bronze to platinum, according to producer Alyssa Finley on the US PlayStation blog, and are designed to entice you into exploring Rapture.

Bronze rewards will be dished out for researching, modifying weapons, hacking and crafting, with each skill apparently "loaded" with awards. You could find yourself up to "your armpits in prizes", said Finley.

Silver Trophies will be more rare. The one example used was the historian award, given to those who find all the audio diaries in Rapture. They reveal lots of back-story behind events unfolding during the game and it's worth doing anyway, we reckon.

Meanwhile, gold Trophies are for those playing through BioShock multiple times. "Brass Balls" will be awarded to anyone who beats the game on hard with Vita-Chambers (respawn points) turned off.

Finally the coveted BioShock Platinum Trophy will be reserved for those who can "take down a Big Daddy without shivering", which presumably means losing no health.

Trophies were recently added in a PS3 firmware update and are gradually appearing across a number of titles. You can collect these and show them to your friends in PlayStation Home, whenever that virtual dream is finally realised.

BioShock PS3 will be out sometime this October and is also receiving exclusive downloadable content in the form of Challenge Rooms. These are puzzle-based and have you solving problems using Plasmids, those super-power abilities you inject in-game.

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