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Champions Online to feature UGC

Crytpic plans to let you make stuff.

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In the latest edition of the "Ask Cryptic" developer blog, the studio has revealed long-term plans to allow users to create content for the game.

Asked if it was reasonable to expect player-created content in the future, "Jackalope" - chief creative officer Jack Emmert, we assume - said, "We do believe that user generated content is an important part of our future games.

"As time passes and our features become set, we'll certainly be introducing them to Champions Online players," he continued. "While at the moment, Champions Online scratches the surface with the Nemesis system, costume creation, power selection and power customization, look to see us continue to open the door for more player-generated material."

The blog also reveals that the game has finally received concept approval from Microsoft, lifting the last barrier to its release on Xbox 360.

Champions Online will be published by Take-Two for PC and 360 in the spring of next year. Read our E3 preview to find out more.

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