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EA Sports games "have been too hard"

Moore has more on his mind.

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Peter Moore believes the real "movement" for Xbox 360 and PS3 sports games in the future will be making them more approachable.

He feels his EA Sports catalogue has been "too hard" in the past and wants to move away from alienating newcomers.

"With the 360 and PS3 versions, the real movement you're going to see there is about approachability. Not dumbing it down - but stuff that feels more adaptive, helping you get through the game," Moore told IGN.

"Our games have been too hard - and even hardcore gamers will tell us at times it's just too fricking hard to play a game without having to revert back to the manual to find out what to do. We need to change that.

"We need to continue to bring people into the industry that are playing games for the first time - and not just with the Wii, but also with the PS3 and with the 360 as well," he added.

Peter Moore waded into headlines recently after airing his belief that no-one really wants PC sports games any more.

He went on to tell IGN that FIFA 09 would still get a PC release as it is particularly viable in Europe, but stood by his his right to not lose money by making unwanted SKUs.

"It's entertaining and people want me dead, or hung, drawn and quartered," said Moore of the feedback his comments sparked.

We had a chance to try out the latest instalment of FIFA recently. Head over to our PS3 and Xbox 360 hands-on, or our Wii hands-on, to find out more.

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