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Warhammer Online guild beta begins

Last stage of closed testing.

Mythic has pushed Warhammer Online into its final stage of closed beta testing.

This phase will introduce some of the 10,000 guilds that applied, as well as more from the 750,000 pool of individuals itching for their turn.

Mythic calls guilds "some of the world's most experienced MMO players", and wants you to put its quest system and dungeons through their paces. There are also Heraldry bits, scenarios and user interface updates to test.

"We look forward to seeing them beat, bash and burn their way through the world that we have created for their enjoyment. It's going to be a lot of fun and it's going to be glorious," said Mythic boss Mark Jacobs.

Warhammer Online is due out this autumn on PC. We recently heard it had cut large chunks of content in order to launch on time.