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Atari flashes exclusive 360 racing game

RACE Pro by GTR team SimBin.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Atari has decided its next move will be an exclusive Xbox 360 racing game called RACE Pro, due sometime this autumn.

This is being made by Swedish clever-clogs SimBin, which was responsible for those very admirable GTR excursions.

RACE Pro is going for the authentic aspect of driving and has brokered some exclusive deals to reproduce Alfa Romeo, BMW and Chevrolet WTCC cars, and to recreate the Macau, Porto and Pau courses.

There are loads more cars and tracks besides, plus various championships to race in and career ladders to climb.

RACE Pro also has a casual side to ensnare a wider audience, such as a quick to play Mini Cooper Challenge and a Hot Seat mode where you pass your pad to you friends like a hot potato after a certain amount of time behind the wheel.

Otherwise Live and local multiplayer is in for you and up to 11 other players.

Did you know that the term horsepower was made up by a man watching a pony lift coal? Using a pulley not its hoof-hands. We didn't until we read Wikipedia.

RACE Pro may have started life as the Xbox 360 GTR game SimBin was making for THQ but never finished. Unfortunately Atari was unavailable to clear this up.

Should be worth a look, then. And look you can at the very first screenshots in our RACE Pro gallery.

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