Atari fixes RACE Pro bugs

Pit stop tweaks single- and multiplayer.

UK charts: Street Fighter IV victorious

DOWII, 50 Cent, RACE Pro all feature.

Review | RACE Pro

Engine and tonic.

Atari fixes RACE Pro bugs

Pit stop tweaks single- and multiplayer.

UK charts: Street Fighter IV victorious

DOWII, 50 Cent, RACE Pro all feature.

Review | RACE Pro

Engine and tonic.

RACE Pro drops back a week

SimBin effort still due in February.

RACE Pro set for February

SimBin speeder for Europe first.


Lapping it up.

Atari dates bundle of games

Naruto PS3, Jamie Oliver DS, more.

RACE Pro to cross finish line in January

SimBin to do demo before Christmas.

Atari flashes exclusive 360 racing game

RACE Pro by GTR team SimBin.


Exclusive 360 racer from SimBin.