Atari fixes RACE Pro bugs

Pit stop tweaks single- and multiplayer.

Atari has released the first set of changes for Xbox 360-exclusive driving game RACE Pro.



Engine and tonic.

Despite being over six feet tall, I used to drive a Mini. A proper old Mini, like in The Italian Job. I loved that Mini. I miss that Mini. As any fan of the diminutive car can tell you, there's something special about them, and you can feel it in the way they drive. The first car you get in the career mode of Simbin's debut console racer is a Mini, and it's a testament to the Swedish studio's oft-acclaimed skill that the digital version retains that unique and intangible Mini feel.

It's the sort of positive first impression that bodes extremely well for the game as a whole, and long-time fans of Simbin's long-running GT series will be pleased to learn that its attention-to-detail and depth of understanding when it comes to the physics and handling of virtual vehicles has crossed the PC-console divide intact. Race Pro may not be the most inspiring title for a game, but it's perfectly apt. This is a game made by people who know racing - Simbin founder Henrik Roos used to be a professional GT Championship driver.

His company's PC series has a devoted legion of fans, but the games are notorious for their unforgiving simulation approach. Are wussy console gamers ready for such ferocious fealty to real life? Actually, as it turns out, they don't need to be. Race Pro has the depth, but it also has a thoughtful training slope to ease you in. It's perhaps the most accessible hardcore racer to grace a console.

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Lapping it up.

For this veteran of console racing, SimBin's 2005 PC racing simulator GTR was a bit of an eye-opener. Taking a Ferrari 360 Challenge round Spa, I binned it in the gravel traps at every single corner on my first lap. A seasoned campaigner in the consoles' simulation hinterlands of Forza Motorsport and Gran Turismo, I never suspected how wide the gulf was between these games and the PC hardcore, exemplified by the Swedish developer's work. I could thread Project Gotham's fastest cars around its hardest tracks with the graceful precision of a ballet dancer, but my performance on GTR looked more like a drunk cat walking into door posts.

Atari dates bundle of games

Naruto PS3, Jamie Oliver DS, more.

Atari has tidied up several dates for upcoming games, including handsome PS3 fighter Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm, which will be with us on 7th November.

Atari flashes exclusive 360 racing game

Atari flashes exclusive 360 racing game

RACE Pro by GTR team SimBin.

Atari has decided its next move will be an exclusive Xbox 360 racing game called RACE Pro, due sometime this autumn.

This is being made by Swedish clever-clogs SimBin, which was responsible for those very admirable GTR excursions.

RACE Pro is going for the authentic aspect of driving and has brokered some exclusive deals to reproduce Alfa Romeo, BMW and Chevrolet WTCC cars, and to recreate the Macau, Porto and Pau courses.

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