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THQ to bring GTR to Xbox 360

Swedish racing sim due in 2007.

THQ's announced a multi-game publishing deal to bring the GTR racing sim series to Xbox 360 - starting next spring.

Developed by Swedish outfit SimBin, GTR's one of the most realistic racing games on the PC, featuring all the cars, drivers and tracks from two full FIA GT Championships.

Along with an official licence, GTR also has former FIA GT team owner Henrik Roos on board. "The talent at SimBin combined with the unique background that Roos brings to the team means that we will be able to deliver a meticulously comprehensive and entertaining racing experience to gamers," says THQ's Ian Curran.

SimBin CEO Roos says the Xbox 360 version is "not only a truly authentic racing game, but also a challenging, realistic and entertaining game that will be easy to learn but tough to master. In other words - do it for real!"

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