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Rein: Wii is "just not our medium"

Epic wants to push high-end technology.

Mark Rein has said asking Epic to make games for Wii is like asking a sculptor to paint a picture.

Speaking to he said his studio likes to push high-end technology and he has no plans to do anything else until that dries up.

"No, we don't have any plans to make something for the Wii. That's like asking a sculptor when he's going to start painting. That's just not our medium," said Rein. "That's not our area of expertise. Our area of expertise is the more high-end consoles and things that push technology higher. That's what we do.

"There's a lot more water in that well for us; when that runs dry then maybe we'd have to think of doing something else, but I don't think that well is going to run dry any time soon."

Epic Games is now hard at work on Gears of War 2, which is due out exclusively on Xbox 360 this November. Rein was coy over its projected success, sensibly claiming it will be "up to the fans to decide" whether it will outsell the 2006 original.

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