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BioWare spills Dragon Age details

Shows first screens and videos.

BioWare has revealed new details of its upcoming role-playing game Dragon Age: Origins.

A release window has been officially confirmed as early next year, and the game will ship exclusively on PC.

Lots is being made of its dark fantasy setting, which promises to be mature and littered with "credible" characters and voice acting. It is expected to be a "gritty" and "emotionally intense" epic.

Specifically we're told to expect a party-based system that scales from small encounters up to "hordes" of baddies and "massive creatures".

Players will be able to combine spells to create new effects, and there will be spells, skills and talents to customise characters with. Also, lots of magical loot.

"Dragon Age: Origins is a dark heroic fantasy that doesn't pull any punches. Our fans are in for the most emotionally intense gaming experience we've ever created, and we hope to surprise them with just how dark and gritty it gets," said BioWare boss Ray Muzyka.

Look out for our thoughts on Dragon Age from E3 later this week.

Until then, the first Dragon Age screenshots can be found on IGN and the first video on GameTrailers.