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First N+ booster bundle on Xbox Live

Just 200 Points for 200 levels.

Metanet has flipped 200 extra levels for N+ onto Xbox Live Marketplace, where people haggle for camels and apples.

The bundle, broken into 150 "easier" single-player levels and 50 "hardcore" co-operative stages, costs 200 Points (GBP 1.70 / EUR 2.40).

We're also told on the Metanet blog to watch out for a "fun surprise" somewhere in amongst all that.

Metanet said earlier this month there had been three bundles - totalling around 750 extra levels - submitted to Microsoft verification at the end of June. Two more still to come, then.

N+ appeared on Live Arcade in March and is well worth your money. You play as a stick-man ninja who flips around the level collecting gold while avoiding deadly traps.

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