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N++ doubles its size on Steam in free Ultimate Edition update

The game is half off this weekend.

Minimalist platformer N++ just got a massive free update on Steam that doubles the amount of content in the game.

This patch is so big that developer Metanet Software decided to rename the whole game as N++ Ultimate Edition.

This free expansion doubles the game's scope, bringing the final product to a whopping 4340 levels. These aren't procedurally-generated either, but rather each one is methodically crafted by Metanet.

The other major addition to N++ is an extra challenging Harcore mode, which adds an unforgiving timer to your tasks.

Beyond that, the game now has 60 new dynamic colour schemes, new ninja headbands, and more secrets.

"This update means N++ could last a lifetime.," the developer said. "This is truly the last platformer you'll ever need to buy."

Cover image for YouTube videoN++ Ultimate Edition update is here!

Metanet noted in a Steam update that it considered charging for this massive upgrade, but ultimately decided that wouldn't help the install base grow. "We went back and forth on whether or not to charge for this DLC, and decided that we really wanted to encourage more people to try N++, and that this might be a great way to do it!" Metanet said.

The other way the Toronto-based developer is spreading the good word of N++ is through a 50 per cent off sale this weekend on Steam. Between now and Sunday, 23rd April at 6pm UK time, N++ is half off at £5.49 / $7.49.

As for N++ players on PS4, don't despair as Metanet is bringing the same bounty to Sony's platform soon.

Eurogamer contributor Simon Parkin recommended N++ upon its initial 2015 release on PS4. He called it "a substantial offering that will keep even the most single-minded twitch player busy for a long time" in his N++ review.