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N++ jumps to PC next week

Minimalist platformer returns to the series' roots.

Minimalist platformer N++ is coming to PC via Steam on 25th August, developer Metanet Software has announced.

While initially only supporting Windows, Mac and Linux versions will follow.

N++ is the third game in Metanet's acclaimed platforming series. It premiered last summer on PS4 where Eurogamer contributor Simon Parkin praised it.

The robust platformer is filled to the brim with content at a staggering 2360 developer created levels.

On top of that, there's a level editor and players can upload and download each other's stages in case the 2360 default levels weren't enough.

N++ also supports up to four-player co-op and competitive play.

There's even options to switch up the game's look with 60 colour palettes available. The soundtrack is likewise extensive with 63 tracks.

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"We're so thrilled to bring N++ to the PC where the series began," said Metanet Software programmer, designer, artist and creative lead Mare Sheppard. "We've already seen some impressive user creations, and can't wait to see what creativity the PC-gaming community has up their sleeves."

N++ will cost $14.99 (about £11.5) on Steam, though it will be 20 per cent off at launch.