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Lots more levels coming to N+

Just as soon as MS can verify them.

Metanet is promising lots more levels for ninja platformer N+ just as soon as Microsoft can verify them for Live Marketplace. The levels were submitted towards the end of June.

Specifically there will be three bundles, adding up to around 750 stages.

Metanet says the multiplayer maps are "a lot better" than those included at launch, and there are some tricky co-operative levels as well.

"There's also a small bonus in each pack which will remain secret for now..." said Metanet on its blog. "Or will it?!"

N+ came out on Live Arcade in March and got lots of praise for its stylish presentation and fiendishly compelling charms.

Metanet has PSP and DS versions in the works, and the latest word is that these will appear in August.