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Quake Live tournaments at QuakeCon

Duels and capture-the-flag.

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Id Software has announced that it will be hosting Quake Live tournaments during QuakeCon at the end of the month.

Quake Live is a "free and easily accessible browser-based experience" based on Quake 3 Arena and was announced at QuakeCon last summer.

It's already set for some fragging though and Intel has put up USD 25,000 in prize money across a one-on-one and a capture-the-flag tournament - so we can assume those modes are built into Quake Live at least. We want Rocket Arena too!

Meanwhile, there's an Alienware Quick-Draw Challenge with USD 10,000 for randomly-selected attendees who triumph in Quake Live competitions throughout the event.

QuakeCon will also host Enemy Territory: Quake wars tournaments on PC and Xbox 360 with another USD 25,000 up for grabs across those two events.

Not content with all those goodies, the other day id announced that it would be giving away a 2008 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe to the person who wins a special limited-entry raffle for tournament winners and other special people.

Sadly we'll not be eligible though as only US and District of Columbia residents can drive away with the prize.

We will be at QuakeCon, though, so expect our impressions of Quake Live and any other games on show, and hopefully live coverage of announcements and John Carmack's annual Q&A.

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