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Quake Live out of browser and standalone by year's end

And here's an amazing video of the game's best players.

id Software will pull Quake Live out of a browser and make it a standalone game by the end of the year.

Browsers like Firefox and Chrome gradually outlawing plug-ins provided id Software with the nudge it needed to make the move.

"This change will allow us to have greater control over the game environment, and more tightly integrate the game with the online components going forward," explained id Software.

Van Damme that's awesome!

"Some of these benefits will be apparent from day one: getting in and out of games is a smoother experience, and you will be able to view server pings from the match browser before joining the game to better judge connection quality."

Unfortunately, Mac and Linux players will be collateral in the change over.

"We will be unable to support Mac and Linux clients with this transition," id wrote. "While we have reports from our testers that the game works through emulation or virtualisation software, we are unable to support native Mac and Linux versions.

"If you're using Mac and Linux and have a paid subscription, you will only be able to access the game using emulation or virtualisation software."

Quake Live is based on Quake 3 Arena which, behind Quake 2, was one of the best games in the whole wide world. And these guys fighting at QuakeCon 2013 are the very best Quake Live players in the world. They're absolutely amazing!

Cover image for YouTube videoQuakeCon 2013: Quake Live Duel Masters Highlights