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QuakeCon to broadcast tournaments live

USD 50,000 up for grabs in Quake Live.

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QuakeCon organisers have announced the 2009 tournament schedule for the Dallas shooterthon and said that matches will be broadcast live on the internet.

USD 50,000 is up for grabs in Quake Live match-ups. The Intel Quake Live Masters Championship is a one-on-one double-elimination affair for 64 professional players, with the final duo going at it live on the main stage on Saturday 14th August. The prize pot is more than USD 25,000.

Then there's the Intel Quake Live Open Tournament, in which 128 amateur players fight over a USD 2500 purse, with a USD 1500 prize for the winner. Each match is best-of-three games and single-elimination.

Finally there's the Quake Live Capture the Flag Championship, which is sponsored by id Software itself, and worth USD 22,000. Four-versus-four single-elimination matches for 32 teams will decide the outcome.

As for the live streaming, it will be handled by and, and include live match coverage, player interviews and analysis.

We should be at QuakeCon once again, hopefully clapping eyes (and, if at all possible, hands) on id's upcoming Rage, and speaking to the developer's legendary line-up including coding supremo John Carmack. More than 6000 attendees are expected at the free, four-day convention in mid-August.

There are more details on tournament registration and other particulars on the QuakeCon website.

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