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Tuesday updates planned for Quake Live

So you can "plan your play schedules".

id Software has announced that Tuesday will be update day for Quake Live, although that doesn't mean there will be new content every week.

"In an attempt to allow all of you a greater ability to plan your play schedules - particularly those of you running and playing in external events, ladders, leagues, etc. - we're going to begin updating Quake Live exclusively on Tuesdays," writes moderator "marty" on the Quake Live site.

"This does not mean that every Tuesday we will have an update, just simply that if we do have an update planned, it will occur on a Tuesday.

"We'll try to alert you the week before an update is planned both through the forums and through a Tweet," he chirps. "This does not include any emergency maintenance or patches that may be required, but those are very rare."

Quake Live is a web-based conversion of Quake III Arena, the fast and competitive multiplayer shooter. Adverts support the game so you can play for free, and just about any PC - barring relics from museums - will be able to smoothly run the program.

Quake Live is currently in open beta. That means you can play right now, although id Software hasn't quite finished polishing the package.

The Quake Live website can help you