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Bionic Commando Rearmed date TBC

Despite Japanese report. Plus, Trophies.

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Capcom "will be announcing the exact release date for Bionic Commando Rearmed really soon", the publisher said today, after a Dengeki interview in Japan suggested it would be out on 30th July for Xbox Live Arcade and 31st July for PSN.

(Update, 2.52pm: Kotaku subsequently discovered a post on Famitsu saying that it has been pushed back for a few weeks, which ties in with what we've been hearing.)

The PSN version of the 2D platform shooter revamp is also set to receive Trophies after release, and producer Ben Judd wrote on the PlayStation Blog this week that the game's built-in "Medal" system would track your progress so that when Trophies are patched in you won't have to retrace your steps.

"Yeah, yeah, this is probably just sneaky producer double-speak but we wanted to set the game up so that those of you who purchase the game on launch day will make sure their hard gaming hours do not go to waste," Judd wrote.

"I can say that Trophies will not be available at launch but we are seeing how quickly we can get them out after launch." Judd also said that the previously mentioned "cool secret" for BC Rearmed on PSN is not Trophies but something else.

Those of you following the game's progress in intimate detail can also find more on the weapons, back-story and specific Medals in Judd's PS Blog post.

Bionic Commando Rearmed is a re-imagining of the classic Capcom NES game. You navigate complex 2D levels using a bionic grappling hook to move around. There's no jump button, so you have to learn how to build and conserve momentum, the extent of your hook's reach and which surfaces you can attach yourself to.

As well as a single-player campaign the game ships with over 50 "Challenge Rooms" - fiendish tests of your grappling skill that ask you to swing without pause between distant grapple points above bottomless pits and other obstacles. As well as testing your abilities, Challenge Rooms give you limited time to reach the exit and record your time and rating so you can compare it with friends and other PSN players.

There's also multiplayer and co-op. It's a massive package. We'll be bringing you our full review in due course.

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