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PSP could get Trophies too

Buzz producer spills beans.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

The PS3 Trophy system could be heading to the PSP, according to Buzz! Master Quiz producer Emerson Escobar.

He was talking about rewards in the PSP quiz game during the GameSpot Live E3 2008 Stage Show, before he unveiled rather more than he probably should have.

"The cool thing is it isn't just getting the gold medal," began Escobar. "We've also implemented a trophy system. Let's say you answer a question within one second, you get a lightning finger trophy.

"If you answer a question within half a second, you get a supersonic trophy," he added.

However, when asked directly about Trophies on PSP, Escobar reportedly grinned, laughed sheepishly and said to "check back with us later".

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