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EA indicates September for WAR

Official date "extremely soon".

EA's Singaporean website seems to have inadvertently dated the company's MMO contender, Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning.

The site lists the game for release in September 2008. Earlier this weekend, that listing said "23 September", but the exact date - a Tuesday - has now been pulled.

We contacted EA's European publishing partner GOA and were told "we will be announcing a release date extremely soon".

EA has previously promised a simultaneous release in the Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand, the US and Europe for the Mythic Entertainment game. So what goes for Singapore should go for Europe too.

September doesn't seem out of the question to us. Following several delays, the game is currently looking in very good shape.

A late September or early October release would also tally with the hints producer Jeff Hickman dropped when we spoke to him back in late March.

We asked Hickman why the game had been held back six months from it's original April-June launch window and he corrected us: "I know the actual dates and it's not [a delay of] six months. Let's call it three to six months."

For more on the hotly anticipated fantasy MMO, visit the game page.

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