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Digital Extremes onboard for BioShock PS3

Would you Adam and Eve it?

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2K Games has announced that veteran developer Digital Extremes will be helping to bring BioShock to PS3.

"Bringing Digital Extremes on board allows us to continue to deliver the best experience possible to our fans," says 2K president Chris Hartmann, who let's face it is probably a bit biased.

The fairy on top of Digital Extremes' Christmas tree of experience, of course, is its part in the development of the Unreal series - a job for which the Canadian studio proudly claims a co-creation credit.

Presumably, Digital Extremes' CV also rose to the top of the pile by virtue of its work on the recent cross-platform shooter Dark Sector.

Gears of War with a boomerang in some senses, it hardly set Dan Whitehead's world alight when he reviewed it, but it won praise in Round Eleven of our Face-Off series, with Rich Leadbetter making a quietly impressed face at Digital Extremes' very own Evolution Engine.

BioShock is, of course, quite a big deal. The tiny portion of shots currently available in the PS3 cafeteria are showing promise, but there's an awful lot to live up to in the game's original PC and Xbox 360 incarnations, with GOTY plaudits flying around like drinks at an epilepsy conference.

Digital Extremes CEO James Schmalz is confident, stating that "You really can't ask for a more exciting, technically impressive world to work in than Rapture, and the incredible knowledge and talent between the 2K studios and our team at Digital Extremes is unprecedented." The truth, inevitably, will be in the shiny, genetically mutated pudding.

BioShock is due on PS3 in October of this year. Start practicing holding your breath underwater now.

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