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PlayStation website infiltrated by hackers

Enter at your own risk, warns IT firm.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

IT firm Sophos is claiming hackers have broken into the US PlayStation website, reports.

Apparently miscreants have introduced unauthorised code to the SingStar Pop and God of War pages, causing a pop-up box of evil to appear. The box warns that a virus has been detected so frightened Internet users rush out to buy expensive protective software.

"There are millions of videogame lovers around the world, many of whom will visit Sony's PlayStation website regularly to find out more about the latest console games," said Graham Cluley from Sophos, clearly not about to let anyone get away with this.

Sophos further warned that hackers may not stop here, and may make the pages even more malicious by installing code designed to harvest your secrets.

"Most would never expect that surfing to a website like this could potentially infect them with malware. If users do not have sufficient protection in place then they might find that before they know it they have been scared into handing their credit card details over to a bunch of cyber-criminals," said Curley.

"It is essential that all websites, especially when they are high profile like this or receiving a large level of traffic, have been properly hardened to prevent hackers from injecting malicious code on to what should be legitimate webpages." fought the law, and the facts won.

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