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Portal: Still Alive content explained

Standalone game plus extra puzzles.

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Xbox Live Arcade title Portal: Still Alive is the standalone original game with some levels from a third-party map pack, according to a report.

Those extra puzzles will not feature GLADoS nor any accompanying story elements, journalist Chris Remo reports on his blog.

PC fans can already access these levels in Portal: The Flash Version Map Pack, which took puzzles from the Flash tribute to Portal and converted them to work in Valve's original game.

Portal: Still Alive was unveiled during the Microsoft E3 press conference as an exclusive game for Xbox Live Arcade.

We're still not sure if that means the game is simply a console exclusive and the PC patrol will get their version on Steam at a later date, but we've contacted Valve for clarification.

We do know that Portal was our favourite game of 2007.

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