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Portal coming to Xbox Live Arcade

"Still Alive" due out this year.

An expanded version of Eurogamer's Game of the 2007, Portal, is be released this autumn, subtitled 'Still Alive'.

Amusingly unveiled at Microsoft's E3 2008 press briefing by the one and only GLADoS, the beefed-up version will be coming exclusively to the Xbox 360 via Xbox Live Arcade, Microsoft or rather she said.

Emerging to cheers from the press, GLADoS utttered: "Due to previous tests being solvable, we are currently manufacturing new test chambers for only the most qualified subjects."

Published by Valve and Microsoft, the official press release states that Portal: Still Alive "features the full award-winning Portal single-player game from Valve plus a new challenge mode". Teasingly vague, but it'll do. If it's cheap.

At the time of publication it wasn't made clear whether Portal: Still Alive is simply a console exclusive or whether a similarly expanded PC edition will also be coming out via Steam at the same time. Expect clarification shortly.

We're seeing Valve later this week, when we'll get the chance to speak to Gabe Newell again, so check back for more on Portal: Still Alive soon.