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Microsoft announces acts for Ibiza party

Gets Glastonbury acts to make a splash.

Microsoft has let us know who will be performing at its ambitious Xbox Weekender in Ibiza later this month.

The event runs from 18th - 20th July and sees The Whip take centre-stage on Saturday night. They're from Manchester and did well at Glastonbury, we're told, or are perhaps forced to believe.

Supporting are OK Tokyo, Esser, Filthy Dukes, and the Discolexia Crew. Um.

Microsoft is also letting those of you with a penchant for Rock Band get up on stage on the Friday night and perform, with the possibility of winning a pre-paid trip back to Ibiza but this time with the treatment of a rock star.

Microsoft has tried to make a splash by hiring out the Ibiza Rocks hotel for its venue. This has Xbox 360 kiosks dotted throughout it as well as the Xbox Social, which features sofas, games, music, movies and "quirky extras".

You can even ask the concierge to set up an Xbox 360 console in your room and lend you some games to play.

Or you can sneak up to the Xbox Penthouse where all the big shots will be drinking champagne and wallowing in spas and chatting in dressing gowns, probably.

And just in case you miss out in July, Microsoft has decided to run another Xbox Weekender in August to make up for it.