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Mass Effect DLC released on PC

Bring Down the Sky for free.

The PC version of Mass Effect mission pack Bring Down the Sky is now available to download.

This is completely free for those punching keys and wiggling mice, though there do seem to be some teething problems.

Members of the official Mass Effect forum point to graphical glitches with NVIDIA cards as well as various technical hiccups after installing the Bring Down the Sky content.

If you can find a "repair" option in the "configure" settings of the game launcher, the problems should be fixable. However, this "repair" appears to only be available in the US version of the game.

Bring Down the Sky is already available on Xbox 360, but sadly felt like a missed opportunity to us. Head over to our Bring Down the Sky review to find out why.

Mass Effect was released for PC in May and is the better of the two versions available, thanks to more organised inventory, hot-keys, and separable squad commands.

Catch up with our thoughts in the Mass Effect PC review.