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Apogee to be resurrected as publisher

Remaking Duke Nukem to fuel it.

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Apogee Software is to return to publishing duties fuelled by revivals from its old catalogue of games.

First up will be Duke Nukem Trilogy for unspecified handhelds, which is made up of three episodes: Critical Mass, Chain Reaction and Proving Ground.

"It's funny how what's old is new again in this industry," said Apogee co-founder Scott Miller.

"Many of the things Apogee pioneered are back in style, so it only makes sense to bring back Apogee and its properties with a visionary team that will once again create innovation for gamers around the world."

Apogee also seeks to create new IP with the help of top notch developers and creators.

Apogee captured attention back in the 90s for titles such as Commander Keen, Duke Nukem, and Wolfenstein 3D.

It claims to have been the pioneer of online shareware game demos and episodic releases advertised by them.

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