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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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More Wakfu beta keys to give away

Join the NPC-free cartoon MMO.

Eurogamer MMO has 500 more keys to the closed beta test of Wakfu, Ankama Games' follow-up to its sleeper hit, Dofus.

Head over to the giveaway page to grab one, and be quick about it: the Wakfu keys we gave away last month were snapped up in a flash.

Wakfu is, like Dofus, a Java-based massively multiplayer RPG with turn-based tactical combat and beautiful, isometric, manga-style graphics.

It's unusual in that it features no quest-giving NPCs at all. Ankama hopes that the players themselves will drive the content in the game. It's a crazy plan, but it might just work.

Read Christian's hands on impressions of the beta for more info, and check out the YouTube-exclusive trailer for a glimpse of the equally pretty tie-in cartoon TV series.