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New drum kits for Rock Band 2

New cymbal options promised.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Electronic Arts is planning to release two new drum kits for Rock Band 2.

That's according to US magazine Game Informer (as reported by Kotaku).

Apparently the new standard drums will look much like the kit which is available now. However, the drum pads will be "velocity sensitive" and won't be so noisy, and the pedal will be reinforced with metal. You'll be able to buy clip-on cymbals separately.

The second kit has been licensed by drum-makers Ion and is accordingly called the Ion Drum kit. It won't be cheap, but for the extra cash you'll get three electromagic cymbals and adjustable pads, plus what appears to be a metal frame. In addition, it'll work as a standalone electronic drum kit when you're not playing the game.

All very exciting, but will the drums end up costing a lot more here in Europe than they do in the US? Yes of course look do you mind I've got things to do. Rock Band 2 is out in the States this September, with a European date yet to be announced.

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