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Eurogamer's E3 coverage

Live conference reports, previews and TV shows all week.

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Eurogamer is all set to report live on the three platform holder press conferences as they unfold at E3 next week, starting with Microsoft on Monday.

The Xbox 360 megacorp will be showing off new games and making big announcements at the LA Convention Center at 6.30pm UK time (7.30pm CET) on Monday.

Immediately after the show, we'll also be bringing you in-depth coverage of several of the key games that have been demonstrated - with hands-on impressions, screenshots and video.

Then on Tuesday we'll be reporting live from Nintendo and Sony's conferences.

Nintendo is first at 5pm UK time (6pm CET) in the Kodak Theater, and while we'd love to say we have lots of exciting stuff going up when that one finishes, sadly Shigeru Miyamoto did not invite us over to his house.

We will be playing through a number of new Nintendo games shortly after the conference though, so watch out for hands-on coverage of those as the week progresses.

Then finally Sony is set to show off its stuff at The Shrine Auditorium in downtown LA on Tuesday at 7.30pm UK time (8.30pm CET).

With Phil Harrison gone, will new Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida take up the microphone? Or will he leave it all to Kaz Hirai and the other regulars? We shall see.

And we haven't forgotten about PC gamers either! There's no conference for you, but we are going to be seeing some key games - including Fallout 3 and Dragon Age - and Eurogamer MMO will be reporting on the latest rat-punching epics.

Never content, we'll also have a ton of previews and TV specials to help you get to grips with what's being shown.

In fact, while the E3 show itself begins on Tuesday, we're not waiting for that - so check out the site first thing on Monday for a hands-on report on a big game in a series close to a lot of Eurogamer readers' and writers' hearts.

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