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Operation Flashpoint 2 slips to 2009

Dragon Rising next year.

Codemasters has marched Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising out of 2008 and will redeploy it at some point next year.

We had expected the game this winter, but the official website says it's all changed now.

Codemasters plans to pull the curtain back on a sparkly new trailer for Operation Flashpoint 2 at some point tomorrow, according to the website.

We also have a fancy treat in store for you related to the game. Perhaps we will make a countdown site for it.

Operation Flashpoint 2 was originally in development by series developer Bohemia Interactive, but it had a spat with Codemasters and so the publisher took it on internally. As such, it will make use of the fancy EGO Engine we ogled at in GRID, so it all looks very pretty.

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Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising

PS3, Xbox 360, PC

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