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Complaints about Bully ad dismissed

"Unlikely to cause serious offence."

The Advertising Standards Authority has declined to take action over complaints about a TV advert for Bully: Scholarship edition.

The ad showed hero Jimmy Hopkins firing a catapult, two characters giving someone a wedgie and a cook sneezing into a pot, amongst other things.

According to the ASA website 31 people complained about the ad. Some said it was "offensive and distasteful" and claimed it "glorified, trivialised and encouraged" bullying, while others thought it was shown at an inappropriate time.

Take-Two refuted these accusations and suggested that "sensationalist coverage of the actual game had coloured complainants' perception" of it.

The ASA also dismissed the complaints, stating, "Although many might find the name and content of the game to be in poor taste, the content of the ad was unlikely to cause serious or widespread offence."

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