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Rockstar's Bully celebrates 10th anniversary with iPhone, Android release

Beat that.

Bully, the controversial schoolyard adventure game from the makers of Grand Theft Auto, is headed to mobile phones and tablets.

An Android version of the game is already available via Google Play priced £4.99. iPhone and iPad owners should get their own edition later today.

This version of the game is titled Bully: Anniversary Edition, and arrives as the game celebrates its 10th birthday.

Mobile developer War Drum Studios has handled the port, which also includes new turn-based multiplayer friend challenges.

The game's full story and open world of Bullworth all makes the jump to mobiles intact, as does its extra Scholarship Edition content added in its later Wii and Xbox 360 versions.

Bully first launched for PlayStation 2 back in October 2006, where it generated a storm of controversy (and helpful publicity) after parents and teachers who hadn't played the game objected to its perceived glorification of bullying.

UK shop chains such as Currys and PC World refused to stock Bully, and it was initially renamed to "Canis Canem Edit" - its school's Latin motto, which translates to "Dog Eat Dog".

Actually playing the game though - it was a different matter. Sure, you could pick on other schoolkids but there was none of the violence of Grand Theft Auto. Its storyline actually saw main character Jimmy unite the school's various diverse cliques. Oh, and Jimmy could show interest in and kiss boys his own age, as well as girls - something pretty unusual for a AAA-budget game at the time.