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David Cage clarifies Uncharted comments

We wrote a naughty headline. We're sorry.

Quantic Dream's David Cage has asked that we clarify his comments on Uncharted: Drake's Fortune after we published a story on Friday under the headline "Uncharted is like a porn film - Quantic Dream".

"As said in the interview, Uncharted is a game I really loved, in which a brilliant work has been done on the narrative and characterisations," Cage told us in an email.

"I respect both the game itself as one of the best titles on PS3 and the team behind, being one of the best console teams in the world for ages, with an experience and a talent that I envy.

"The [headline] does not reflect what is said in the interview and conveys a message I certainly don't endorse," he explained.

In order to provide Eurogamer readers with every side of games and events, we often report comments made by developers in interviews on other websites and in newspapers, and in these instances we use headlines derived from what we feel is the most eye-catching revelation.

In this case, Cage had told Gamasutra: "The big difference between Uncharted and what we're doing here is that Uncharted was still structured like a video game. It gives you a bit of story, then action, then a bit of story, then action - like porn movies, when you think about it.

"Porn movies are structured in exactly the same way, except that the action is not the same (laughter), but it's the same structure. Most video games are done like that. It's one thing to do a great cut-scene, even if it's real time.

"It's another thing to try to tell the story as you play, so the story's not told through cut-scenes - it's told through gameplay. So you don't need acting performance in cut-scenes. You need interactive performance."

In hindsight, our headline was provocative (although probably not as provocative as "Some of my best developers are black, says Resi Evil 5 producer" - well done, Ellie), and we certainly didn't intend to upset David Cage, whose games we very much like.

As such, we're only too happy to post this clarification and change the original headline. Sorry David!

Quantic Dream is currently working on PS3-exclusive Heavy Rain, which we'll be checking out once we're off the naughty step.

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