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David Cage on Heavy Rain storytelling

How it differs to Uncharted, which he admires.

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Quantic Dream founder David Cage reckons that Heavy Rain's storytelling makes Uncharted: Drake's Fortune look like a porn movie.

"The big difference between Uncharted and what we're doing [in Heavy Rain] is that Uncharted was still structured like a videogame," Cage, whose studio developed Fahrenheit and is currently working on PS3-exclusive Heavy Rain, told Gamasutra.

"It gives you a bit of story, then action, then a bit of story, then action - like porn movies, when you think about it," he elaborated. "Porn movies are structured in exactly the same way, except that the action is not the same! Most videogames are done like that.

"It's one thing to do a great cut-scene, even if it's real time. It's another thing to try to tell the story as you play, so the story's not told through cut-scenes, it's told through gameplay. So you don't need acting performance in cut-scenes. You need interactive performance," he said.

Cage went on to discuss videogame content and its penchant for catering towards teenagers simply because, he argues, they were responsible for inventing the medium.

He would like to see more deep and meaningful content for adults, and to break away from conventional hero characters, which is something he's keen to do in Heavy Rain.

"I write something very dark with things, that as far as I know, are serious and have never been used in games," he said. "It's a real story with some very personal things in it, and I hope all this will come through and people will feel that the story is pretty good."

Cage stopped short of adding further details about Heavy Rain, but said he was pleased to be focusing all of his talent on getting the most out of one platform.

We've still seen nothing of the film noir-style thriller since a technical casting demo at E3 2006.

Cage had much more to say to Gamasutra in the full interview.

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