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33 new songs for SingStore tomorrow

That's Friday night sorted.

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Sony's SingStar wizards are preparing to conjure another 18 English language songs and 15 for other European gamers as part of tomorrow's SingStore update.

Who knows what constitutes a highlight in the super-subjective world of music appreciation, but ones we recognise include "Hey Ya!" by Outkast, "Coffee & TV" by Blur, "Nancy Boy" by Placebo and "She Bangs The Drums" by The Stone Roses.

There's also "Dialectos da Ternura" by Da Weasel for our Eurogamer's growing Portuguese contingent and "Aller plus haut" from Tina Arena for France.

Songs on the SingStore cost GBP 0.99 / EUR 1.49.

Here's the full list:


  • Blue, One Love
  • Blur, Coffee & TV
  • Coldplay, Fix You
  • David Bowie, Absolute Beginners
  • Hanna Pakarinen, Leave Me Alone
  • Hard-Fi, Cash Machine
  • OutKast, Hey Ya!
  • Placebo, Nancy Boy
  • Saybia, The Day After Tomorrow
  • Sunrise Ave, Fairytale Gone Ball
  • The Offspring, Self-Esteem
  • The Rasmus, In My Life
  • The Rasmus, No Fear
  • The Rasmus, Shot
  • The Rasmus, Chill
  • The Stone Roses, She Bangs The Drums
  • The Ting Tings, Great DJ
  • Sanna Nielsen, Empty Room


  • Indica, Ikuinen Virta
  • Kotiteollisuus, Helvetistä Itään
  • Kotiteollisuus, Tämän Taivaan Alla


  • Luke, Hasta siempre
  • Tina Arena, Aller plus haut


  • Falco, Out Of The Dark
  • Helge Schneider, Käsebrot
  • Jumpy & Mungo Jerry, In Der Winterzeit


  • Anna Oxa, Senza Pieta
  • Velvet, Funzioni Primarie


  • Da Weasel, Dialectos da Ternura


  • Sanna Nielsen, Empty Room
  • Barbados, Världen Utanför
  • Kikki, Bettan & Lotta, Vem É Dé Du Vill Ha
  • Roger Pontare, När Vindarna Viskar Mitt Namn

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