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PSP hard drives "increasingly likely"

Tretton feels movie content pressure.

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Sony has once again left the door open for including hard drive storage in future revisions of the PlayStation Portable.

"I think we definitely thought about it," said Tretton during a round-table interview at E3 yesterday, Kotaku reports. "I think that's the trend moving forward."

His comments echo what Sony Europe boss David Reeves told us last year.

With digital distribution of movie content now firmly part of Sony's PS3 and PSP plans, Tretton teased that a PSP featuring internal storage was "increasingly likely".

Sony now faces the question of what internal storage it opts for: cheap and spacey hard disks or efficient but pricey solid-state drives.

Tretton also touched on the UMD format, and said describing it as a struggle was "an understatement" and blasted film studios for expecting you to part with USD 20 or USD 30 for "crappy movies with less content".

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