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Siren PS3 last-minute price change

Chapter bundles slightly higher.

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Sony has released Siren: Blood Curse on PlayStation Network but the price of the individual three-episode bundles has gone up by two quid.

We were originally informed that the 12-episode game would be sold in four discrete three-episode bundles at GBP 4.99 apiece, but that's now gone up to GBP 6.99 for each one.

However, the full 12-episode game is on sale for GBP 19.99 as originally stated.

Sony's latest stab at survival horror is a bit of a series reboot, borrowing heavily from the almost-great PS2 original and fixing a lot of its problems in the process.

In light of the last-minute price-hike on individual episodes, we'll be adding an update to our review of the first three-episode bundle, which originally scored 9/10.

Fortunately though, the price change won't impact our review of the full game, which is published today. Check it out.

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