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Episodic PS3 Siren game this summer

12 downloadable eps from PSN.

Sony Japan's new Siren game is an episodic downloadable title due out this summer.

Unveiled at Sony's PlayStation Day event in London today, Siren: Blood Curse is a PlayStation Network exclusive split into "twelve TV-style, suspense-packed downloadable episodes", which will be released at short intervals.

Set in the Japanese village of Hanuda, it sees a US TV crew arrive to research the legend of the "Vanished Village" where human sacrifice is meant to have taken place 30 years previously. That's where we'd go too.

According to Sony, players "discover the horrific curse that haunts Hanuda" and have to fight to save survivors from the living dead.

As with the other Sirens, Blood Curse employs a Sight-Jack system so you can see things from the perspective of your eager enemies, and Sony hopes that the episodic download approach will keep people on the edge of their seats.

Although nobody from Sony was immediately available to clarify (i.e. we went home when it turned into a rave), the trailer provided on the PlayStation Day press disk for Blood Curse is the same as the one for the Japanese game with the name Siren: New Translation.

You can check that out on Eurogamer TV and dazzle yourself with bloody screenshots too.