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Siren: Blood Curse date and pricing

Scary episodes for end of July.

Sony Europe has told Eurogamer that Siren: Blood curse will be released on 24th July.

This is the episodic PS3 reinterpretation of the scary PS2 original. It will be broken up into four downloadable chapters on the PlayStation Store.

Each chapter has three episodes in it and will cost GBP 4.99. Or you can snaffle up the whole lot in a full game download for GBP 19.99.

We had a chance to tip-toe our way through the first chapter recently, and were very impressed to find it immediately much more playable than any of the previous games.

Add vastly improved voice acting, atmosphere, audio and sumptuous visuals to that and you should be as excited as we are.

Check back soon for our in-depth look at the entire four chapters.