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Epic not doing a Gears of War 2 demo

Bleszinski would rather get game done.

Epic Games has no plans to release a demo of Gears of War 2.

"No, we're not doing a demo," design director Cliff Bleszinski told Eurogamer at a multiplayer hands-on event in Los Angeles on Monday.

"We could do a demo but then Gears 2 would be out in February," he explained.

Gears of War managed to sell over 4 million units despite Epic never releasing a demo, but we always hold out hope for these things.

Still, Gears 2 looks jolly good regardless thanks to a stunning campaign level demo at Microsoft's E3 conference.

We also got the chance to play Horde and Guardian game modes at the Gears 2 event last night and will be bringing you our impressions of those and all the rest from Bleszinski tomorrow.

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