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Buffy coming back to life on DS

505 Games staking a claim.

505 Games is bringing Buffy back from the dead this November and putting her on the DS.

The deal with the telly show people means screenwriter Rob Deshotel is conjuring up a completely new story for the game. All the familiar faces such as Angel and Spike will be in it, and the plot is set some time after the seventh series ended.

Most of the focus will on be vanquishing vampires and duffing demons though, and Buffy gets to use spells and karate kicks and axes to do this. You get to swish a total of 20 weapons around and can use scenery to hit baddies with, too.

There are around 24 levels stretched across 12 locations in all, with each change of scenery culminating in a big boss battle.

"This is a fantastic opportunity for 505 Games and we're working extremely closely with Fox to ensure this is the definitive Buffy the Vampire Slayer experience," said Rowan Tafler from 505 Games.

"Buffy's return to videogames is great for long-time fans of the franchise and we hope the huge market reach of the Nintendo DS will help to create new fans too."

Creep over to our Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Sacrifice gallery for the first shots.

Fang you.

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